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This monograph provides in nice aspect lots of either unpublished and formerly released Babylonian mathematical texts within the cuneiform script. it's a continuation of the paintings "A striking number of Babylonian Mathematical Texts" (Springer 2007) written via Joran Friberg, the top professional on Babylonian mathematics.
Focussing at the colossal photograph, Friberg explores during this publication a number of overdue Babylonian arithmetical and metro-mathematical desk texts from the websites of Babylon, Uruk and Sippar, collections of mathematical routines from 4 outdated Babylonian websites, in addition to a brand new textual content from Early Dynastic/Early Sargonic Umma, that is the oldest identified number of mathematical workouts. A desk of reciprocals from the tip of the 3rd millennium BC, differing notably from well-documented yet more youthful tables of reciprocals from the Neo-Sumerian and Old-Babylonian sessions, in addition to a fraction of a Neo-Sumerian clay pill exhibiting a brand new form of a labyrinth also are mentioned. the fabric is gifted within the kind of pictures, hand copies, transliterations and translations, observed via exhaustive factors. The formerly unpublished mathematical cuneiform texts provided during this publication have been came across through Farouk Al-Rawi, who additionally made a variety of appealing hand copies of many of the clay tablets.
Historians of arithmetic and the Mesopotamian civilization, linguists and people drawn to old labyrinths will locate "New Mathematical Cuneiform Texts" fairly useful. The ebook includes many texts of formerly unknown kinds and fabric that's not to be had elsewhere."

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