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By Leonard King

It is a entire examine many of the mythology and spiritual practices in Mesopotamia and historical Egypt. From the preface: "In those lectures an try is made, now not rather a lot to restate everyday evidence, as to house them to new and supplementary facts which has been released in the US because the outbreak of the conflict. yet even with out the excuse of contemporary discovery, no apology will be wanted for any comparability or distinction of Hebrew culture with the mythological and mythical ideals of Babylon and Egypt. Hebrew achievements within the sphere of faith and ethics are just thrown into superior aid whilst studied opposed to their modern historical past. the majority of our new fabric is offered by means of a few early texts, written in the direction of the shut of the 3rd millennium B.C. They comprise traditions which expand in unbroken define from their very own interval into the distant a long time of the previous, and declare to track the heritage of guy again to his production. They symbolize the early nationwide traditions of the Sumerian humans, who preceded the Semites because the ruling race in Babylonia; and by the way they necessitate a revision of present perspectives in regards to the cradle of Babylonian civilization. the main notable of the recent records is one that relates in poetical narrative an account of the production, of Antediluvian background, and of the Deluge. It hence shows a detailed resemblance in constitution to the corresponding Hebrew traditions, a resemblance that isn't shared through the Semitic-Babylonian types at the present identified. yet in topic the Sumerian culture is extra primitive than any of the Semitic models. even though the textual content looks to have reached us in a paranormal atmosphere, and to a point in epitomized shape, this early record allows us to faucet the circulation of culture at some extent a long way above any at which technique has hitherto been attainable. notwithstanding the resemblance of early Sumerian culture to that of the Hebrews is notable, it furnishes a nonetheless nearer parallel to the summaries preserved from the heritage of Berossus. the large figures included within the latter's chronological scheme aren't any longer to be taken care of as a manufactured from Neo-Babylonian hypothesis; they reappear of their unique atmosphere in one other of those early records, the Sumerian Dynastic record. The resources of Berossus had necessarily been semitized by means of Babylon; yet of his 3 Antediluvian towns locate their position one of the 5 of primitive Sumerian trust, and of his ten Antediluvian kings rejoin their Sumerian prototypes. additionally, the recorded a long time of Sumerian and Hebrew patriarchs are surprisingly alike. it can be further that during Egypt a brand new fragment of the Palermo Stele has enabled us to ensure, through a truly related comparability, the accuracy of Manetho's assets for his prehistoric interval, whereas even as it demonstrates the way attainable inaccuracies in his method, deduced from autonomous facts, can have arisen in distant antiquity. it truly is transparent that either Hebrew and Hellenistic traditions have been modelled on very early lines."

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