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By Sylvanus Griswold Morley

Morley's epic treatise upon the Mayan language, and the insights that could be won from their writing, is released right here entire together with his unique images, illustrations and charts.

while Sylvanus Griswold Morley first released this account of the Mayan peoples in 1915, the Western global and scholarly institution have been inspired via the dimensions of his wisdom and the thoroughness of his investigations. His archaeological digs close to the traditional web site of Chichen Itza yielded many interesting discoveries. It used to be after accumulating and watching a wide cache of Mayan inscriptions that Morley begun publishing books and essays upon the topic of Maya hieroglyphics. by the point of his loss of life in 1948, Morley was once a number one authority on historical Mesoamerican societies.

An creation to the learn of the Maya Hieroglyphs is a landmark textual content within the examine of the traditional Mayan civilization. Morley was once relatively interested in the Mayan process of arithmetic; how they used a different mathematics and numbering approach to degree dates and time, and determine the calendar for which they're now well-known. a few of the glyphs used on structures huge and small are analyzed, with myriad insights received from the styles, faces, and logos the Mayan scribes used.

This e-book comprises over one hundred eighty photos and diagrams of Mayan artifacts, edifices and pills. initially taken and drawn by means of Morley and his assistants in the course of their researches, they're crucial for examining and realizing the capability in which Morley arrived at significant perception into the lengthy misplaced valuable American civilization to which he dedicated a long time of his existence. For people with an curiosity in researching the Mayas, or in archeology typically, Morley's publication is still a helpful and invaluable resource.

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