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By A.H. Sayce

From the preface: "The following pages will clarify themselves. Their item is to set ahead of the reader a quick yet intelligible account of the books of Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther, and a background of the days to which they belong. An endeavour has been made to put out of your mind not anything that demands remark or explan­ation, and hence to give the Biblical pupil with a piece that, whereas serving the needs of a remark, varieties a continual narrative, and is of workable dimension. Its distinguishing peculiarity is the use made in it of contemporary huge discoveries, extra specially of the inscriptions of Cyrus ; and the student will realize one or illustrations of Holy Writ which are right here given for the 1st time. those that want for extra exact information about the newly-found documents of the earlier, and the testimony they endure to the reality of the previous testomony Scriptures, could discuss with the volumes entitled ' clean gentle from the traditional Monuments,’ ' Assyria : its Princes, clergymen and People,’ and ' The Hittites ; or, the tale of a Forgotten Empire,’ released through the non secular Tract Society."

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